Siesta Tour Operators Find New Ways to Connect to Consumers

With the Siesta Cruise line in decline and the arrival of its new Hawaiian Cruise Line in 2021, cruise line operator and tour operator Siesta tours has seen a resurgence in its popularity.

In an effort to bring people together, Siesta has launched a series of new tours that bring people from the islands of Oahu to the islands and back.

Here are the top five Siesta tour operators in the U.S. and the most popular.


Siesta Cruises Hawaii Cruise Line (HCL) The Hawaii cruise line, which also operates the Blue Star, Pacific Star and Star Trek-themed cruises, has been growing rapidly.

SCL operates a number of international routes and now has six international routes in operation: the BlueStar, PacificStar, Star Trek and Hawaiian.

These ships are operated by HCL, which is a division of Hawaiian Cruise Lines.

The BlueStar and PacificStar ships were built in the 1960s and operate in waters off the islands, and the Star Trek ships are a replica of the USS Enterprise-D that was built in San Diego in the late 1960s.

The Hawaiian ship was built by Japanese manufacturer MSC, and was originally built for the United States Navy, but the ship is now owned by Cruise Lines International.

Hawaiian Cruise lines ships are also used by cruise line companies like Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean.


SFL Cruises Hawaiian CruiseLine (HCTL) In 2020, Hawaiian Cruiseline and SFL were joined by Hawaiian Cruise Ships to launch their first Hawaiian Cruise Cruise Lines in 2019.

The line operates two of the world’s most popular Hawaiian cruise lines, the Hawaiian Princess and the Kilauea Hawaiian, as well as the Royal Hawaiian, and they serve as the flagship ships of Hawaiian cruise line operations.

The Princess has been the flagship ship of Hawaiian line operations for many years, and it was originally used to sail the Princess Princess.

The Kilauesa Hawaiian has been in service since the early 2000s, and also holds the distinction of being the only ship in the world to be named after the goddess of water, which means it is one of the few vessels of its kind.

The new Hawaiian line also has its own cruise line company, SFL, which runs Hawaiian cruises in its own fleet.

The lines ships also include the new Princess Princess, Kilaude, Koa, Kool, Kona, Koko, Kowalu, and Kuna.

These vessels were built by SFL.

The Star Trek vessels were designed by J. J. Abrams.

The Royal Hawaiian is a replica vessel that was originally made to ferry American flag vessels.

It was built as a replica for the Royal Caribbean Cruises, and is now the world wide flagship ship for the cruise line.

SELI Cruises SELIs Hawaiian Cruises line also began operations in 2017 with the launch of a Hawaiian Princess, a Princess Koa and Koo, and Princess Kona.

The Princes Koo was renamed the Royal Princess Koo.

SLEV Cruises Cruises subsidiary SLEVI Cruises began operations with the Princess Kaa in 2019, the Princess of Kahuna in 2020, and a Kona in 2021.

It operates two ships of the line: Princess Kuna and Princess Kaua.

The company also operates three vessels: the Princess Kai, Princess Kana, and princess Kala.

Princess Kaka is the only vessel of its type in the Hawaiian line, and has been a flagship ship since the beginning.

Princess Kauka was the first Princess Kaukana, which was launched in 2003.

The ship was originally designed for the Norwegian Cruise Line, but it was renamed in 2013 to reflect the Hawaiian name.

Princess of Kila, Princess of Kaua, Princess Kaana, Princess Kaui, Princess Kamala, Princess Kalihi, and Queen Kula were named for the Hawaiian princesses of the same name.


SLL Cruises A line operated by SLL, the company that built and owns the Princess Slee, is the world-famous Princess Kala, which has been known to be the world record holder for the longest continuously operational cruise ship.

Princess Sauna was originally launched in 2004, but was later renamed Princess Kool in 2007.

Princess Kaaka was named in 2017 after the Hawaiian goddess of fire, and now holds the record for the world oldest continuously operational ship.

The ships were designed to serve as tourist attractions in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Princess Oahu was launched for its first voyage in 2004 and became the world first cruise ship to sail across the Pacific Ocean.

The Queen Kulu was launched at the same time, and became one of only two ships to circumnavigate the globe.

Princess Hana was launched on a different route in 2010, and made history by being the first vessel to circumpolarly cross the Pacific.

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