What you need to know about the tour operator that’s taking tourists to the site of a deadly Bangladesh earthquake

In recent days, the tour operators of Dhaka’s historic Old Town, the city’s biggest tourist attraction, have been forced to suspend operations.

They are worried that visitors to the area might be injured and that a deadly earthquake could hit the area.

The Old Town was built in the 1920s, when the area was under military rule.

Now, many people come to the historic city to take pictures and view the historic buildings.

The historic buildings are the main attractions in the Old Town.

The earthquake struck at about 9:30 a.m.

(0100 GMT) on Friday morning, triggering a massive earthquake in the city.

The quake was felt in many areas of Dhana, which was not affected by the quake, according to local media reports.

Many tourists have been walking the Old Road to see the historic Old City.

The tour operators were worried about a possible quake, as there were no official warnings from the U.N. about a potential quake.

The tourist attractions in Dhaka have been closed since Friday.

Some have also suspended the operations of other tourist destinations, including the Uighur Autonomous Region in Xinjiang, which borders China.

Many people are also staying at hotels in Dhakas hotels, and many hotels in the area have closed their doors.

The Dhaka International Airport reported that the number of passengers waiting at the airport was reduced to about 30,000.

The airport said that many flights from various countries are also expected to be canceled, although there are still flights on the ground.

The government has urged people to stay indoors and take extra precautions.

The country’s tourism sector is expected to shrink by about 10% this year, and there are concerns that tourism will decline further if the quake happens again, according a report by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Many of the tourism businesses in Dhana are located close to the Old City, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The ancient city has a history dating back to the 13th century.

The old city is now home to more than 600 museums, which offer exhibits and information on the history of Dhakaras culture.

The city has more than 5 million residents, and the population grew by 10% in the last 10 years.

The Bangladeshi government is also concerned about the risk of earthquakes.

Many buildings are located in mountainous terrain, and buildings in the capital, Dhaka, are known to be prone to seismic activity, according the Dhaka Daily Star newspaper.

The tourism sector in Dharaas economy is expected in decline, and some are concerned about it, as the economy is not dependent on the Old World, according TOI.

The disaster also has major implications for the countrys tourism industry.

The United Nations estimates that the tourism sector has been affected by a total of over 4,400 deaths since 1980.

The Tourism Development Authority of Bangladesh (TDAB) said in a statement on Saturday that it has taken over a million people out of poverty by cutting the cost of lodging and food, as well as giving subsidies to small businesses.

The TDAB has also launched a social awareness campaign to encourage people to return home safely.

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