Why are the BC Tour operators getting a bad rap?

Posted May 09, 2018 06:24:10The BC Tour Operators Association has launched a website to highlight how their operators are often singled out for criticism.

The BCTOI has compiled a list of tour operators across the country that were found to have not complied with the BC tour operator act.

The BC TOUR Act states that all tour operators operating in BC must provide all tour passengers with a full refund of all costs for each visit, plus a 50 per cent refund if the tour operator is a BC-registered business.

The act also states that tour operators must not discriminate against tour passengers on the basis of age, sex, disability, or gender identity.

The tour operators association has launched the website to shine a light on what they say are misconceptions that are often used to bash BC tour operators.

It says the BC TOUR acts are a way to create a safer environment for BC tour passengers, as well as create jobs.

Tour operators must also provide information about the BC tours that they offer, the BC tourist information centre and the BC tourism industry.

Tour operators also have to provide a clear and consistent policy for how the industry operates and what tour activities they do.

BC tour operators are expected to meet the BC Tourism Act requirements every year and adhere to its requirements for safe and fair travel.

While the BCTAI says the tour operators act is designed to ensure safe and ethical travel, some tour operators have been found to be violating it, with some operators receiving negative press for their behaviour.

There have been several recent cases where tour operators who have not been inspected or licensed by the BCTOE have been accused of taking money from their tour clients and then using it to pay for personal expenses.

One tour operator in particular, for example, is accused of using the money to pay personal bills for his wife.

In other cases, tour operators in BC who are licensed by BCTAE have used their licence to take advantage of the BC Tours Act and then charge tour passengers higher rates and fees.

Tour operator Victoria Tour Operations (VTO) has been one of the worst offenders.

VTO was found to not have met the act’s requirements for safety, and it has been accused by some tour companies of discriminating against women.

This resulted in a series of legal actions and the end of VTO’s BC tour business.

A spokesperson for VTO said the company was reviewing the report and that the tour industry will continue to work hard to ensure the safety of its guests.

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