When a Zambia man says goodbye to a tour operator

Zambia’s tourism industry is under attack after a Zambian man, who was on a tour with a Zamboanga-Bolivia tour operator, said goodbye to the operator and said he would no longer take tours.

“I have done nothing wrong,” said John, who declined to give his surname.

“I had a tour company, I paid my fees, I did my business, I went home.

It was a nice experience, I didn’t have any problem.

And it wasn’t about the money.

I did it because I like the country, I like its people, I want to visit.”

John, a 37-year-old taxi driver from the town of Wuhan, said he had a friendly encounter with the operator on a recent tour.

“The owner came up to me and said ‘I don’t need you.

I’m just doing my business and I want you to come back’,” he said.

“He said ‘no, I will not be taking any more tours’.”

He added that after the experience, he would not take any more Zamboangas.

“It is a shame that I have to be like this, because this is the most beautiful country in Africa,” he said, his voice cracking with emotion.

“And I’m not a tourist.

This is what I want.”‘

Not for a tourist’John said he hoped the authorities would act to protect the livelihoods of the people of Zambia.

“This is the reason why I am speaking up.

This tour operator was just doing his job.

He is a tourist,” he added.

Tourism, Zambia, tourism industry, tourism, tourism article The Zambia government is calling for an investigation into the incident and for tour operators to be held accountable.

Tourists in Zambia are often subjected to discrimination.

Many Zambian companies, including those with direct business links to the country’s government, have been targeted by online trolls, according to a report by the African Union Commission.

The Commission has been working on a report into online harassment and intimidation, but its conclusions have not yet been released.

Zambia is a wealthy country that has been in the news recently for its treatment of people of colour.

Zambia has had a history of racial violence, including a series of killings of alleged political opponents by the security forces.

In April, the country became the first in the world to pass legislation banning the use of a banned weapon on Zambia – the Taser – after a young man died from injuries sustained during an encounter with police.

Zimbabwean tourist Peter Chubu, who lives in Zambias capital of KwaZulu-Natal, said the incident had left him with a mixed feeling.

“It has left me feeling very frustrated,” he told Al Jazeera.

“We have had no change in government, so we don’t really have any choice but to fight for our rights.

It has been very hard, very hard to come here and find jobs.”

Chubu is a Zimbabwean citizen who has been on a Zanzibar-based tourist visa for nearly five years.

He said he does not have any plans to return to Zambia and had no idea why the incident took place.

“The owner was a good guy, but he’s not for a visitor.

This kind of behaviour needs to stop,” he explained.

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