How to tour Bhutan’s Mount Everest without a guide

When you’re planning a trip to the world’s highest mountain, the logistics of being prepared are crucial.

You need to pack the equipment necessary for a week on the mountain, including the tent, back pack, sleeping bag, and extra clothing.

This article will show you how to make your own trekking kit.

This article is for those who are planning a Nepal trek or who have a backpack.

It is not an exhaustive guide to trekking to Everest.

But it does include an overview of the best trekking gear for the Nepalese trekkers, who can usually trek to the summit of the mountain in the winter and a range of other activities.

The article is divided into three parts: The basics, how to set up your trip, and the final destination, where you can see the summit.

You can read the guide here: Nepal trekker guide. 

The basics of trekking are easy to understand, but the logistics are more complicated.

In this section, we’ll walk you through the basics of the trekking route, including how to plan your trek, get the best gear, and plan your departure.

You can read more about trekking in Nepal.

First, we must talk about what you need to do to prepare for your trek.

To get to Everest, you will need to go through the country of Nepal, which is one of the hardest countries to trek to.

To reach the highest point of the world, you must pass through the Tibetan Plateau, which covers about 30% of the land area of the country.

If you’re in the country, it’s possible to walk from the capital, Kathmandu, to the base camp, Mount Everest, by driving through the Khumbu Pass, a narrow stretch of road.

The road ends at a small village called Tambang, where a village attendant will let you through.

You will need a trekking map to get there, which you can get from the Nepal Tourism Office, or you can book a trekker’s guide.

The trekking season starts in early April, when the temperature in the mountains begins to fall.

This means that your trekking equipment is likely to be cold and damp.

If it’s raining and cold, you may be stuck in a mud puddle at your base camp for weeks.

You may also be able to only get out of the way for about two hours a day.

If this happens, you should have a waterproof tent or tent liner with you.

It should be at least 20 cm (9 in) deep, with a minimum of 30 cm (100 in) to prevent condensation forming.

This is a good way to stay dry, as your tent is likely going to be wet, so it will absorb rain and snow and not get wet.

You should also pack a backpack with you, as this is going to keep your clothes dry.

You must also bring a map, which should be on a smartphone.

Getting to the top is possible only in April and May, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

If the weather is cool enough, the roads can be paved.

The trekkers who come to Everest usually have a guide to help them out.

It’s not an official guide, so you will have to ask them for permission to do so.

If they give you permission, the guide will drive them from the base to the mountaintop and back.

The guide will give them a number to call ahead, so that they can find the next guide who is going there.

This can take a long time.

The guides will also be allowed to drive the vehicle they have selected to carry them to the climb.

When you get there and you are able to see the top, the guides will tell you that it is a safe trek.

They will tell the Nepali trekkers to walk slowly and be patient, and not to panic or lose control.

If your guide tells you to hurry, be careful, because the weather will get worse.

You’ll need to wait until the weather turns nice again before you can go.

It is likely that it will be raining and you will be soaked.

There are some areas where you won’t be able access the summit by yourself.

You might need to rely on other trekkers.

You are likely to need a few extra things to help you along your way, like trekking poles and extra clothes.

You also will need at least one night’s rest to get ready for the next day’s trek.

The weather may not be perfect on the day you arrive at the top of Everest, so if you’re travelling with a guide, make sure you have enough food to last at least two days.

In the first week of April, the weather can be quite cold.

You could stay in a tent or sleeping bag until the first day of April.

The tents and sleeping bags can be hot.

If the weather has started to get warmer, you could sleep in a

Why tour operators should avoid Bhutan

By Tom Bohnstedt, The Washington Post”Bhutan has been a very important country for me and I am very proud to have served as an ambassador there.

It is a place where I felt welcomed and respected.

I have been in Bhutan a lot over the last few years and I can honestly say I have never felt more welcomed.

But the most important thing is that Bhutan remains a safe place to visit and that’s why we have been working to develop the tourism sector in the country.

I am happy that we have reached a point where the tourism industry has grown and developed, and I think that is really good for all of us.”

— Tom Bohse, tour operator

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