Tour operators say tour operators in Australia should be banned

Posted July 19, 2018 08:51:20 Australians should be forbidden from traveling to countries where they are currently prohibited under the Immigration Act, a group of tour operators said on Wednesday.

Tour operators, who represent a wide range of travel operators, said they would like to see a change in the laws so they can “restore” Australia to its original immigration policy.

“It’s really important that we have an Australian-first policy for tourism,” said Sam Tinsley, the head of the Australian Tour Operators Association.

“I think the whole world has been asking us to make that change, to be Australian-friendly.”

The Australian Tour Operator Association, which represents more than 30 companies that provide tours, including some of the biggest tour operators, the Sydney Morning Herald, said it would like the Government to amend the Immigration Legislation to allow for the “reopening” of countries where the visa is currently “invalid”.

It said the Australian Government was not currently in a position to change the laws but the tour operators wanted to see it changed so they could “restor Australia to our original immigration policies”.

“Australia should be the most open, welcoming, culturally diverse, open, democratic, tolerant, inclusive, progressive country in the world,” the association said in a statement.

“We want to see Australia restored to its traditional immigration policies.”

The tour operators were concerned about the “inherent bias” of Australia’s immigration laws.

“The visa issue is not a cultural or political issue, but rather a security issue,” the tour operator said.

“Australians travelling to places such as Libya and Syria, who were not allowed to do so before, will now be forced to go to these countries.”

Australia is a country of 8.8 million people, including about 300,000 in tourism, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

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