‘Tour Operators Will be Paid to Run Tours’

With the recent announcement that tour operators will be paid to run the popular Grenada tour, many believe the industry will take off, despite the negative effect the announcement has had on business.

But there’s a big problem: the industry isn’t growing.

The tourism industry, like the hospitality industry, relies heavily on government subsidies.

And when the government cut back on subsidies in 2015, many operators shut their doors.

With no growth in the industry, many tour operators are turning to crowdfunding to raise capital for new ventures.

“If you have any doubt, that there will be any growth, it’s gone.

And we’re all a bit shaken by that,” said Chris Dyer, the founder and CEO of the Grenada Tour Operators Association.

“There’s no growth.”

Dyer is one of many operators in the country who believes that the government will cut off subsidies to the industry.

Tour operators are the backbone of the economy in Grenada.

They are the ones that pay the salaries for all of the tour operators and the hoteliers who rent rooms to the visitors.

But, like most businesses in Grenadon, they are not thriving.

And now that the tourism sector is facing severe cuts in subsidies, many are worried that the industry is going to be shut down.

So why have operators shut down the tours?

Many operators have been hit hard by the government’s decision to end subsidies to hotels, restaurants and hotels.

Tour Operator Association of Grenada spokesperson, Jeroen Verma, said many operators are now forced to cut their tours.

“There are no jobs.

The industry is dead.

There’s no money to pay people,” he said.”

Many operators are having to pay staff to stay, because they are having problems paying salaries,” said Verma.

“They’re not making enough money to sustain the operation.”

Tour operators have had to resort to using their own money to buy food and equipment.

In some cases, operators have also resorted to hiring the services of private contractors to handle the day-to-day operations of the business.

The Government has stated that it is planning to bring back government subsidies in 2018.

But in order to make the subsidy payments, operators will need to raise at least $200 million to cover the government-funded losses.

“The Government is going after the business, so we are very concerned about it,” said Dyer.

“We’re going to have to shut down, we’re going the only way we know how to.”

But even if the government cuts off subsidies, operators can still rely on government support to survive.

Tourism operators, like any business, rely on the generosity of the public to help keep them going.

But the fact that the Government is cutting back on government funding has left many operators with little to show for their efforts.

“I can’t say there will never be a job for the operators, but it won’t be in the form of a hotel or a restaurant,” said Vyacheslav Chaly, a Grenada Tourism Operator Association representative.

“The Government, I don’t think, will give the industry anything.

It’s a pity.

We’re going out of business.”

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