How to find the best tours in Ireland

The National Tour Operators Association (NTOA) says it’s trying to get tourists back to the islands and beyond, and that the tour operators are working on a number of different approaches.

It’s the same approach that the company took after it was shut down by the authorities in the early days of the Irish tourism boom in the 1980s, it says. 

NTOA chief executive John Murphy said the organisation is working with tour operators to help them make their tours more popular, but he also wants to help tourists get back to Ireland. 

“Tourism is still one of the most important things that we do in Ireland,” he said.

“And I think that when we have an opportunity to help people and give them a better experience, then it will be a great opportunity to have a good tourism season.”

I think we have to make it a bit more appealing, we have got to make sure we can have more people come back.

And we need to give them that feeling that they are part of Ireland and part of the country and that it’s their own.

“It’s a great feeling when you come to a destination, when you get to the destination and you feel like you are part in this great community, you are surrounded by friends and people that love you, that you have the right people, that your family and your friends are very supportive.”

Mr Murphy said that tourism operators need to keep their focus on tourism, and he said that if the NTOA wanted to keep the tourism industry going, it needed to be more innovative.

“The tourism industry has got to keep its focus on the tourism business, and to keep making sure that we keep the quality of tourism in Ireland and the quality that people want to have,” he added.

Tour operators are trying to create an experience where people feel part of a culture and they feel like they are really part of it, he said, adding that the NTSA is working to try to get them back.

“We are also working to make the tours more attractive and to make them more appealing to people, because tourism is one of our largest businesses,” Mr Murphy said.

“And we are also trying to make our tours more appealing for people to come to and to be part of.” 

The NTOA’s focus on tours can be traced back to a time when there were no official tour operators.

The NTOA now has several tour operators and the focus is on the island tour operators who are able to take the tours from the mainland to the island.

“Tourists in Ireland have always been the people who have brought tourism back,” Mr Murphy said.

“They bring people back, they bring tourism and we are not doing it without them.”

But I think we need a change in our culture, we need people to look at the tourism as being a business, that we are in it for the long term.” 

Tour operators will be offering tours on a wide range of sites throughout the country, including the national parks, beaches, monuments, heritage sites and other locations that the government has designated as tourist attractions. 

The National Tour Operator Association has been in operation since 1972. 

This year it’s offering a tour on the coast of Ireland.

The NTOCA also wants its operators to have the same standards of quality as their mainland counterparts, and has set up a list of standards that must be met before a tour operator is allowed to offer tours in the country.”

If the NTOC has found that our operators are not meeting the requirements and standards set by the NTPCA, then they must be closed down,” Mr Walsh said. 

NTOA’s goal is to get more tourists back on the islands. 

In 2016, it estimated that about 6,000 people visited the islands, but there’s a lot of work to be done, according to NTOA, with a lack of infrastructure and poor communication leading to a number visitors choosing not to come back to our islands.

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