What’s next for Sydney Opera tour operator Amparus?

The Sydney Opera has been hit by a major outage, with tickets for a series of Sydney shows now available for sale on the website.

The company has now posted on Twitter that the outage has been “due to a bug in our network”, and that the tickets will not be available for immediate sale.

“Due to a security issue, tickets are currently not available for purchase,” the company wrote.

Ticketmaster has confirmed to Ars that the problem is not a security vulnerability and that all ticket sales will go ahead.

Ticketmasters spokesperson Jennifer Daugherty confirmed to us that tickets were still available for those who were unable to purchase them from the site, although no further information was provided.

Ticket prices for the Sydney Opera show were unchanged from the previous show.

Ticket holders who had purchased tickets before the outage can still purchase them, but they will not have immediate access to the tickets, because the site will need to re-reconnect to the internet.

Ticket brokers, however, are currently working to resolve the problem.

Ticketing website Ticketmaster tweeted that “some tickets are still available on Ticketmaster” after the outage.

Ticket broker TAP-RUN says that ticket holders will not need to pay a fee, and that they will be able to “continue to sell tickets from Ticketmaster as normal”.

Ticketmaster said the tickets would remain available “as normal”, despite the outage, and “are now available to purchase on TicketMaster”.

“We apologise for the inconvenience,” Ticketmaster wrote.

“We are working to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Ticketholders will be notified via the Ticketmaster Ticketing page as soon at as possible.”

Ticketmaster’s Sydney show has been delayed again, but the company has said that tickets will be available to buy for as long as they are available.

Ticket sellers are also being offered a “small discount”, although it has not been confirmed whether this is the same as a refund.

Ticketbuyer.com, the company that sells tickets to Sydney Opera, said that they are still processing tickets for the shows and that ticket prices will be announced shortly.

Ticketseller.com has been running a live chat thread, but so far it is unclear whether the outage will affect ticket sales or if it is merely a glitch that will be resolved in due course.

Ticket buyers have also been offered a discount on the prices of tickets, which is expected to go into effect at the end of the week.

Ticket seller Amparos.com tweeted that they have received confirmation that tickets for Sydney’s last show, the upcoming Tony Award-winning opera The Marriage of Figaro, will be sold for a “reasonable” price of $1,000.

TicketBuyer.co.uk, another Sydney Opera ticketing site, has also posted that tickets from Sydney Opera shows will now be available on their site for a discounted price of “a few hundred quid”.

Ticket seller Tickets Australia, which manages ticket sales for Sydney, said it is “working hard to resolve this issue” and that it “will release more information once it has confirmed this is an isolated issue”.

“Sydney Opera’s ticket sales are conducted by Ticketmaster in Australia and are handled on an individual ticket basis,” a spokesperson told Ars.

“Selling tickets is very similar to our ticketing business, with individual tickets sold at an individual price.”

Ticket sellers on TicketBuyers.com are offering refunds on tickets for both shows.

Ticket sales are currently running normally.

Ticketmaker’s Sydney opera show was postponed again, this time to December 23rd.

TicketMaker.com told Ars that “a glitch” has caused a problem with their website that has been resolved.

Ticketmakers’ Sydney Opera performance will now go ahead on December 23, although the company says they will “not be able” to confirm that.

Ticket Maker said that it is now “working with Ticketmaster to address the issue and will update you as soon we have more information”.

TicketMaker said it has also “rescheduled” Sydney Opera performances on December 22 and 23.

TicketMaster’s Sydney Opera showed has been postponed again.

Ticket maker TicketMaker says they have been able to reschedule Sydney Opera concerts for December 23 and 23, and the company said that ticket sales have resumed.

Ticket-selling website Ticket-Seller.com said they are “working closely with TicketMaster to resolve issues with tickets sold for The Marriage Of Figaro”.

Ticket-seller.co, the Sydney opera ticketing company, said the problems are “not an issue” for ticket sales.

Ticket Seller said that “we have no further announcements at this time”.

Ticket Seller’s Sydney Symphony Orchestra show has also been postponed to December 22.

Ticketsellers’ Sydney Symphony orchestra show has now been postponed, and Ticket-sellers said that Ticket- Seller has now confirmed that tickets are available for the upcoming performance.

Ticket Selling website Ticket Seller tweeted that tickets to the Sydney Symphony show were still on sale,

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