Tour operator tips to golfers ahead of tour of Gibraltar

Golfers are in for a busy couple of weeks when they head back to the UK to see Gibraltar’s Gibraltar Tour operator Tour Operators Gibraltar (GOB) and tour operators Golf Touring in a bid to raise the profile of the island nation and boost its tourist industry.

Tour Operators will be playing host to the Gibraltar Tourist Council’s annual conference from March 26-29, and the British Government will be holding its annual Gibraltar Tourism Summit on April 13.

The conference is set to highlight Gibraltar’s tourism opportunities, including its unique and unique attractions, as well as highlight the achievements of its people, as part of a concerted drive to boost tourism.

Tour operators Gibraltar and Golf Tour are the world’s biggest tour operators and the first to have both a golf and tourism partnership.GOB is currently the world leader in golf tourism, with more than 1.2 million visitors in 2017.

The group’s latest booking, for the first half of this year, showed an increase of 18% compared to the same period last year.

Golf Touring is in the process of developing the first tour operator to offer a direct golf and tour to Gibraltar.

Its first golf resort is set for opening in 2020 and it has plans to offer tours to more than 20 other countries, including Canada, the United States and Israel.

Gibraltar Tourism Council chief executive, Tom Neely, said the tour operators had already invested in infrastructure and operations in the island.”GOB’s strategy is to create an environment that maximises the potential of the tourist industry, particularly for the tourism sector in Gibraltar,” he said.

“The tourism sector is one of the most important sectors of the economy and we want to ensure that it continues to thrive and grow.”

Tour Operates Gibraltar also plans to introduce a new tourist destination called Gibraltar Island in 2019.

The island has a population of just 1,500 people, but it has a rich history, which includes the discovery of gold and precious stones and the creation of the first permanent settlement on the island in 1620.GIB has been awarded the International Heritage Award by the United Nations.

It is a tourism paradise that has attracted more than a million tourists annually since the 1960s.

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